MCUboot is a secure bootloader for 32-bit MCUs. The goal of MCUboot is to define a common infrastructure for the bootloader, system flash layout on microcontroller systems, and to provide a secure bootloader that enables easy software upgrade.

MCUboot is operating system and hardware independent and relies on hardware porting layers from the operating system it works with. Currently MCUboot works with both the Apache Mynewt, and Zephyr operating systems, but more ports are planned in the future. RIOT is currently supported as a boot target with a complete port planned.


There is also a document about signed images that is out of date. You should use imgtool.py南方双彩双色球走势图 instead of these documents.


南方双彩双色球走势图The issues being planned and worked on are tracked using GitHub issues. To participate please visit:

Issues were previously tracked on , but it is now deprecated.


Information and documentation on the bootloader is stored within the source.

It was previously also documented on confluence: , but it is now deprecated and not currently maintained

南方双彩双色球走势图For more information in the source, here are some pointers:


南方双彩双色球走势图Developers welcome!